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All classes going ahead as usual

General informationd


For private lessons only: Text notifications are only sent if private lessons are postponed. You can expect a text 30 minutes prior to your lesson starting. Otherwise, please assume lessons are on. 

If you are unsure if a lesson is on and haven't heard from the coach, they are more than likely on court coaching! Cancellations will be posted on this page.

Junior Groups

Always check this page for cancellations in the first instance if you're unsure whether groups are going ahead. Ask your coach about joining the WhatsApp group for additional updates.  

If groups are rained out and cannot be made up within the term, a credit will be given which can be used for holiday camps.

Credit will only be given if absence is due to injury/illness. We will normally try to accommodate the player in another group to make up for the missed class. Please provide a medical certificate when requesting a credit for absence.

Adult Classes / Private Lessons

If we need to cancel a private lesson due to weather or any other reason, you will receive a text from your coach.

IMPORTANT: If you are provided with a private lesson time slot, you are expected to attend that lesson weekly, unless sick or due to an unforeseen emergency. Unreliable attendance may result in your time slot being passed on to a player on the waiting list.

Lessons may be credited at the coach's discretion if a valid excuse is provided, such as illness or injury, and will normally require a medical certificate as proof. We require 6 hours' notice to cancel an adult or private lesson without charge. 

Please note there is a 4-month expiry on all credits granted, so be sure to use up all your private or group credits within that timeframe. If absence was simply due to weather cancellations, the coach will take that into account and may apply an extension.